Chiesa di San Sigismondo

You can also enjoy unexpected views of many paintings and frescoes in Cremona! Starting with the cycle of Mary and Christ Passion inside the Cathedral, you can move on to the precious Caravaggio, Perugino and Campi brothers altar pieces, right up to the "
Tavola di Sant'Agata" dating back to the 13th Century.
Duomo - Casalmaggiore
Casalmaggiore is a town that sits between Cremona and Parma with its unique Bijou Museum. It can be reached by following the Po waterway and stopping to admire the timeless lonely churches of Scandolara Ravara and Vicobellignano.

Half a day is really too short a span of time to taste these Cremonese beauties! So we invite you to discover Cremona, visit its province and come back again … It will be a great pleasure for us to design the programme of your tour!
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