Full day tour
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- the visit of the Museo del Violino with the Collection of Ancient Instruments made by Andrea Amati, Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù (entrance fee: € 7,00 / person). It is usually possible to book and enjoy a short performance of one of the ancient violins (additional fee: € 5,00 / person, pre-booking is a must),
- the visit of the Ponchielli Theatre dating back to the 18th Century (entrance fee: € 1,00 / person, availability to be verified the day before the visit);
or, in the afternoon:

- the visit of the village of Soncino, 20 km far away from Cremona, with the Sforza Fortress and the unique House of Printers, where the visitors are taught the printing-press technique (entrance fee: € 2,20 / person).
Please be advised that all payments should be settled in cash by the tour escort.
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