A lively small town nestled in the Po Valley with a long and interesting history to be discovered

Visit Lodi with us

The city centre – The itinerary begins in Piazza Castello with the high cylindrical brick tower. The guides of ACuTo-Cremonaguide will take you through corso Vittorio Emanuele with its elegant buildings directly to piazza della Vittoria, characterized by its pavement made of pebbles and where to admire the solemn romanesque cathedral with its asymmetrical façade. Furthermore, the Broletto and nearby piazza Broletto with the old shops placed against the side of the cathedral. The itinerary ends with Incoronata's church, originally built as a civic temple representing a masterpiece of the Lombard Renaissance.

Lodi to be discovered – In addition, the itinerary can be enriched with the prestigious noble buildings and St. Francis’ church, the most original sacred place in the city where the poet Ada Negri’s remains are kept. Finally, Lodi Vecchio the ancient Roman Laus Pompeia, with a visit at St. Bassiano’s church (14th Century).

Each proposal can be combined with tastings of typical products upon request.

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